Get Closer to Your Customers
With a Virtual Branch That’s Beautiful and Sociable

Your customers want one-on-one communication instead of self-service support. Discourse makes one-on-one fast and affordable, letting you build deeper relationships with your customers. It is a communication platform that becomes your private & secure virtual branch and contact center.

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Get Closer to Your Customers
Facebook for business
Facebook for business Get your very own private social network that integrates with Facebook and LinkedIn. Speak to your customers, organize information and send personalized marketing messages straight to your customers.
Bring sales and marketing together
Bring sales and marketing together Get your own virtual branch, contact center, CRM and social network all in one hosted platform. Manage sales and convert leads effectively. Keep all your customer communication in one place.
Bring sales and marketing together
Designed especially for your customers
Designed especially for your customers Your customers want one-on-one support and personalized special deals, and that’s exactly what they get with Discourse. Give easy, fast and convenient information, wherever and however they want it – on the Web, social media, mobile and email. It’s always personalized to them, and it always comes from real people.
Try It Free For 30 Days No credit card. $149.90 value.
Virtual car dealer

Ms Melanie Cross Car Dealer

Ms Jacqueline Gates Customer

  • I’m going to hook up Discourse to my Facebook fan page to create a virtual dealership.

    Monday 10:53 am

  • I'm looking for a new car, but I'm not sure which one I should buy. I'll ask my Facebook friends if they have any ideas!

    Monday 11:25 am

  • I’m ready to launch with that new offer! I'll start a promotion on Facebook and then prospects can come to the virtual dealership for advice and help.

    Monday 11:45 am

  • Hmm… one of my friends recommends this dealer's fan page – they’re posting great promotions over there! Looks like a great deal! I wonder if they have it in a different color? Wow – I’ve got a private and secure place to ask questions to the dealer on Facebook.

    Monday 11:53 am

  • Someone’s got in touch already! I’ll upload an image of the car in the color she wants. This sounds promising!

    Monday 12:14 pm

  • It’s so nice to get personalized treatment. Discourse is so slick – I can even share photos with my Facebook friends to see if they like the color. This is definitely the car for me, but I need to ask Melanie about the leasing agreement.

    Monday 3:23 pm

  • I'll invite Adam from finance to help with the leasing agreement. Everything is in one place, so he can get started right away. No need to tell him anything – I can add him to the space, and he’ll instantly see what Jacqueline wants.

    Monday 4:53 pm

  • It’s so much nicer to speak with people that show their picture and don’t hide behind an anonymous email address! No need to save attachments. If I need to look over any details, I can just check back here!

    Monday 7:22 pm

  • I just got an email alert. Done – Adam’s closed the deal with Jacqueline! Before Discourse, I wouldn’t have seen that unless I was cc’d in the email thread. Now I can see all my sales opportunities and track progress in one place.

    Monday 7:29 pm

Virtual Realtor

Ms Christina Homes Real-estate Dealer

Mr Greg Simpson Customer

  • We just got an enquiry from Greg. I’ll add him to Discourse, and a workspace will be created automatically.

    Monday 10:25 am

  • This looks nice! I’ve got my own private and secure place to check out apartments. This beats having to go to someone’s office before I even know what I want!

    Monday 10:53 am

  • I’ve found a few places that seem great for Greg. I’ll include some pictures, links to Google Maps and a bit of background information.

    Monday 11:53 am

  • That second one looks amazing! I’ll share the pictures with my Facebook friends to get their thoughts. Wow – two people like it already.

    Monday 12:05 pm

  • Customers respond so much quicker when I use Discourse – it must be because it’s so easy to use. I’m off to a meeting, so I’ll add my colleague Mark to the space. He can respond while I’m away.

    Monday 12:13 pm

  • When I use Discourse, I feel like I’m talking to a real person. Why does email feel so cold compared to this? My wife and lawyer have now looked over everything. It’s time to make an offer!

    Monday 12:58 pm

  • Mark’s closed the deal, and there was no need to be cc’d into the email. I saw it right away! I can track the progress of my leads in one place.

    Monday 1:53 pm

  • There’s no need to save attachments, move emails into folders and forward stuff to other people. Everything’s right here! Now I’ll send off the floor plan and pictures to my interior designer.

    Monday 3:25 pm

Banking Industry

Ms Di Banker Banker

Mr Craig Blackard Customer

  • Finally – a hosted platform that’s secure enough to use for banking. I’m going to hook up Discourse to my Facebook fan page to create a virtual branch. Let’s launch that new promotion!

    Monday 10:53 am

  • This credit card offer on Facebook looks good. They’re offering a deal with benefits for people that like to travel – it’s tailored to me!

    Monday 11:25 am

  • I’m going to give Craig the chance to share this offer with his friends. In return, I’ll offer him a special deal if any of them sign up!

    Monday 12:05 pm

  • Wow – I love this interface. It works so much better than email because I can see everything in one place. Let me share this offer with my friends so I can get a better deal! I better ask Di if I can get the card in a different color.

    Monday 12:13 pm

  • Let me add Sally so she can respond to Craig while I’m out to lunch. She can upload all our card designs so Craig can pick his favorite!

    Monday 12:14 pm

  • Things seem so much more personal when you use Discourse. I can see people’s faces and I feel much more tempted to respond right away. That gold card looks really nice. Oh, I better ask if I can also get my daughter added to the account.

    Monday 1:53 pm

  • I closed a sale during lunch! Now I can track all my leads in one place.

    Monday 2:31 pm

  • This is handy! If I want to check any details, I can come back here and everything’s in one place.

    Monday 3:27 pm

Telco Industry

Mr Jack Phone Phone Dealer

Ms Jane Caller Customer

  • I just got a message from Jane asking about the costs of calling Spain. I’ll upload the PDF with call rates. I’ll also let her know about a new broadband deal available in her area.

    Monday 10:23 am

  • Wow – this is so much better than calling! I don’t need to remember any reference numbers. I’m going to share the call rates with my sister on Facebook! Let me ask Jack about the download limit on the broadband package.

    Monday 10:29 am

  • I’ll add my colleague from the broadband department to help Jane with her question. He’ll instantly see what we’ve been talking about, so there’s no need to pass on any information!

    Monday 10:57 am

  • I love the way you can see everything in a threaded conversation. I also like being able to see people’s faces – it’s so much more personal than email. Let me ask how long it takes to get set up.

    Monday 11:37 am

  • My colleague has closed the deal while I was on the phone! I got an instant email alert and I checked out the details right away.

    Monday 12:53 pm

  • Now I no longer need to sort emails into folders and save attachments. I can always check the contract details right here. I should share this deal on Facebook in case any of my friends are interested.

    Monday 12:54 pm